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Published: 03rd March 2011
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Choosing the right flower girl tiara for your wedding day is important. Seeing your flower girl walk down the aisle with a big hairdo, a cute flower girl dress and the perfect tiara as the crowning touch is unbeatable!

It is important not to focus on the look of just the gown or flower girl dresses, the hairdo, or the tiara but to tie it all in to the overall look.

Insure that the colors of the tiara do not clash and always try to match them with all the jewelry and pearls being worn. If the flower girl dress is quite elaborate and has embroidered patterns and lots of detail a similar tiara with pearls and maybe crystals will match it well. If the dress is more straight and clean, a simpler tiara will suffice and compliment the look. If you donít know exactly what to pick remember a rhinestone tiara will go with almost any dress. Include pearls in your tiara if you have an ivory or creamy colored dress to blend in easier.

If the flower girl has a hairdo that is a feature, a headband tiara may be more appropriate as to blend in and not overshadow the hair, rather compliment it.
Is the tiara the right shape?

Choosing the right tiara for the shape of the face of the flower girl is also important. A long face can be balanced out with slightly wider flower girl tiara to give it more proportion. Beads and other features also help. A wider round face would usually suit a princess tiara with more height and even a peak at the top. Try a few designs to get the right look and cuteness factor!

There are many kinds of arrangements in tiaras and each of them is completely different from the other. From the simple floral tiara till the most intricate designed tiara, everything is available to women and it is very difficult to choose only one from the collection. Some tiaras have geometrical designs and are full of squares, triangles and pentagons. Women who prefer more abstract tiaras usually buy these geometrical ones. The arrangement of wedding tiaras is very interesting and they are woven wonderfully by the craftsmen. Stones are embedded in them and they look exquisite. Though such tiaras are costly, they are possessions for a lifetime and nothing can beat their value.

Its also worth noting that the bride must be not be outdone by the flower girl when she walks down the aisle so just a simple thing of a smaller looking tiara could be the final touch!

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